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There's a Place for us


abi tucker, alice cullen, animals, aragorn/eowyn, arthur/merlin, arts, ashley tisdale, astrid lindgren, australia, banner, bavaria, bayern, bec lavelle, becky howard, bella swan, bella/edward, bella/jacob, bill/fleur, books, breaking dawn, brushes, castle, cats, chocolate, christian tramitz, claire mcleod, claire/alex, coldplay, comedian, comedy, dancingfilms, daniel craig, day, die sims, disney, disneyfilms, dvds, eclipse, edward cullen, emergency room, eragon, esme/carlisle, family, fanfiction, fred weasley, friends, george weasley, gilmore girls, gossip girl, graphic, graphicmaking, graphics, harry potter, harry/ginny, holiday, ice-cream, ice-scating, icon, icons, ingrid marr, ingrid/marcus, ipods, italy, jacob black, jodi fountain-mcleod, jodi/matt, karaoke, kate manfredi, kate/riley, kelly clarkson, kristen stewart, landshut, landshuter hochzeit 1475, legend of the seeker, lie to me, lisa chappell, lord of the rings, love, madagascar, marcus turner, mcleod's daughters, mcleods daughter, mcleods daughters, melanie thornton, mentalist, merlin, michael bully herbig, michala banas, moonlight, movie soundtracks, movies, muse, music, musicals, my computer, my family, my friends, my livejournall, my pc, nature, navi cis, navy cis, ncis, new moon, nicholas sparks, night, nikki reed, orlando bloom, paramore, partys, pets, photography, pink, pirates of the caribbean, pirates of the caribeban, pride & prejudice, pride and prejudice, reading, rebecca lavelle, riley ward, robin hood, ron/hermione, rosalie/emmmett, scandinavia, seth clearwater, sets, sex and the city, stephenie meyer, stevie hall, stock arts, summer, the lion king, the mentalist, tv shows, twilight, twilight sage, twilight soundtrack, twilight..., wallpaper, wicked, world disney, writing, writing stories